Child Discrimination in Early Schooling

Discrimination is always considered as a hot topic and writers and analysts evaluate different parts of the societies where some business and inequalities are present. In this article we will discuss child discrimination with respect to early child education and schooling.

In many Asian and African societies, where early child education is not free of cost, many parents choose their male children to go school and stop female kids to get educated. This discrimination is just not limited to child gender, but other aspects too. Some schools prefer specific cast, religion, and class from the society for choosing and enrolling their students. We see low rate of child discrimination in developed countries like the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America and Australia etc. where both genders are equally eligible regardless of their cast, religion, and other social differences, to get educated and learn according to their interest and curiosity. The best nursery schools in Dubai are providing quality education to the children without any social barrier.

The impact of Child Discrimination on early schooling is mentioned below:

Emotional Impact: A child usually starts his/her schooling at the age of three years, when he or she is very immature and feels very shy and emotional to adopt new environment. He /she doesn’t want to get highlighted because of any disability, language barrier, color or completion differences, or cultural clash. If they face this type of discrimination, the impact on their emotions is very dreadful and negative. They prefer staying home, or staying quiet in the classroom or hide themselves during any classroom activity. In a long run, students who face emotional disgrace are never able to face the world and always isolate themselves from new people and visit different places.

Social Barriers: Children who came from different social backgrounds where higher income class feel more prominent and considered more intelligent, children from low income group feel inferior and complex. Luxury stationary, uniforms and gadgets might attract them and they get confused why they are not eligible to have those things. The impact of these social complexes affect them for a long time because students who face this type of discrimination are greedier to fame and money. They use any means to fulfill their desires.

Mental Development: Due to teachers and educators’ biasness and rigidity towards weak student, mental development low IQ children get limited. They don’t find any motivation towards working hard, or learning or achieving something. The study doesn’t fascinate them any longer but become a burden and a pressure. Their low intellectual levels not only make them inappropriate for every field but also make them misfit in the materialistic society.

Being a parent, teacher, and a human being, it is our duty to encourage our children to learn and become nice and humble persons. We should identify a child’s needs, consider things that bother him or her, and resolve them as soon as possible. Early learning age design and craft a child’s personality and character so don’t take any wrong decision in choosing his or her preschool. To select an unbiased best nursery school in Dubai, click here.