5 Hair Salon Etiquette Every Client Should Keep In Mind

Finding the right hairdresser in Dubai Marina can definitely change your life. They can help take good care of your tresses and help you achieve the hair style that you want. But before you get to that level, you need to build a working relationship with your hair stylist, and that is by following a strict salon etiquette.

If this is your first time to visit a salon and want to build a rapport with the staff and the hair stylist, be sure to keep these pointers and tips in mind:

  1. Be on time

Some clients think that it is okay to be late since they are the clients. But you need to keep in mind that salons follow a strict appointment rule and they also have other clients to attend to. So make sure that you arrive on time for your appointment. Better yet, arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can relax and go over the hair style that you want.

  1. Listen to what your stylist has to say

When a client seat on the hair stylist’s chair, he/she would be asked what kind of hair cut he/she wants. Sometimes, this is where the battle begin. The client have something in mind, but the stylist is thinking of an alternative. Be open to suggestions and listen to what your hair stylist is trying to say. Bear in mind that they are professional in terms of hair styling. They probably know more about the job more than you. So trust your hair stylist’s instincts and skills.

  1. Bring some references

As mentioned, you will probably be asked about what kind of hair style that you want. Telling the hair stylist is okay, but bringing in some references would be great. A visual aid would be a great help for the stylist as they will have a general idea about what you want.

  1. Give them a tip

If you receive a good service, do not forget to give your hair stylist a tip. This would help build a better relationship with your hair dresser. This is one way of saying that they did a great job and you appreciate their work. Be reasonable with your tips and be sure to give it to them politely.

  1. Be polite

If you want to say something to your hair dresser, be sure you say it in a tone that is polite and civil. Your hair dresser would definitely listen to your concerns and what you have to say.

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