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2018 Sleeping Trends That You Need To Know

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2017 was known as the year of “smart sleeping”. It was a year when people grappling with sleeping problems had meticulously counted the hours they slept and documented every detail that revolved around their sleeping patterns.

But for sleep specialists, 2018 will be more about going back to basics and focusing on what really matters: getting a full night’s sleep every night. And this year, they have compiled some predictions and trends that can help people achieve better sleep quality.

  • Sleep binging will be a thing

Some people think that sleep binging is a form of laziness. But for patients who are having a hard time achieving a full night’s sleep, they need to make up for the lost snooze by sleeping at any chance they got. Energy-boosting naps can help the body to catch up on its healing and repairing period, which some people fail to have during the night. Recharging your batteries during the day can help you be more productive at tasks.


  • Sleep tracking will take a dip

As mentioned, 2017 was the year for detailing your sleeping patterns – from what time you slept to how many hours you slept during the night. But this pattern fired back on some of the patients as they became more pressured to sleep so they can come up with the numbers. This 2018, sleeping specialists suggest patients having a hard time catching some zeds should forget the clock and the counting. Less pressure = higher chances of nodding off.


  • Boxed mattresses will rise

The mattress in a box has been around for quite some time, being offered by stores that sell the best mattress in Dubai. It is just this year that it has gained attention and popularity amongst the masses. The concept of the mattress in a box is to offer convenience to buyers who refuse to buy bulky mattresses. The mattress is vacuum-sealed and will expand once the box is opened.

  • Racing to bed is overrated

Sleep specialists noted that most people feel the need to race to bed when they feel the signs that they need to sleep. Once they feel sleepy, they will start with their bed preparations quickly to catch up on their sleep. In the end, they become more alert when they reach their bed. Experts say that it would be best to prepare before the onset of sleep, so you can just go straight to bed whenever you feel sleepy.


  • Choice of bedding still matters

It is one timeless concept that people should bear in mind if they want to achieve quality sleep. Choosing the right bed sheets in Dubai is one of the key factors for getting a good night’s sleep. Be sure to buy a material that you are comfortable with and do not just go for the design.

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